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About StradaLunii: A self taught musician/home musician, its more by heart than theoritically exposed. SL started playing with the school brass band, hammering the snare side drums, turned to full drums with a makeshift five piece band during the same time, gain interest in playing the bass after listening faithfully to Iron Maiden. Discovered that cant play much alone with either bass or drums, and got hooked with the guitar in the late teens. Been with some college bands, playing all either bass, guitar or drums. Currently stuck with home based recording and playing, guitar based instrumentalist.
Influences - Lots of it, you will know when you listen. To name a few: Jason Becker, YJ Malmsteen, Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson, Petrucci, Nuno Bettencourt, Randy Rhodes, R Blackmore, Vito Bratta, Buddy Guy, K Hammet, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Vinnie Moore, MacAlpine, Acoustic Alchemy, T. Emmanuel.. and the list goes on.
StradaLunii uses, Guitar - Electric Yamaha YG1212; Guitar - Electro Acoustic Yamaha; Amp - SKX Squire 15W; Boss Distortion, Boss Digital Delay, Boss Wah; Roland GR20 Guitar Synth; M-Audio Jamlab; Adobe Audition 1.5 multi track editor; Few VST plugins;

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