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Mendes Brothers

About Mendes Brothers: "The music of Cape Verde and Angola has been transformed into an international phenomena by the Cape Verde-born and Brockton, MA-based Mendes Brothers Jo?o and Ramiro". All Music Guide

A Grammy Ballot Nominated producing duo, the Mendes Brothers have continuously challenged the status quo and lead the frontier of Cape Verdean music. In 1993, the duo received several Grammy Ballot Nominations for the American R&B albums featuring Elissa Jones (This Melodie) and Antonio TC Cruz (Self-Titled).

In addition to seven albums of their own, the Mendes Brothers have helped to promote the music of their homeland as owners of the MB record label. Artists that have been produced by Mendes Brothers include Bana, Tito Paris, Gil Semedo, Kafala Brothers, Tino Trim?, Talulu, Agusto Cego, Gardenia Benros, Mirri Lobo, Djosinha, S?ozinha, and 6 albums by The Mendes Brothers.

Cabo Verde is Mendes Brothers’ latest release in their quest to innovate and transform Cape Verdean music. The critically acclaimed release debuted in May of 2005 to wonderful reviews.

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