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About Kuutana: Composer Ron Charron, uses nature sounds, virtual and natural instruments to create soundscapes intented to help you relax, meditate, contemplate and help nourish your imagination.

Ron started creating sonicscapes using analog synthesizers in the late '70s with Roland, Moog an Korg modular synthesizers. In pre-MIDI years, he built his own computer (including motherboard design and logic) to compose digital music. In the last two decades, Ron has been traveling extensively, collecting natural, handmade instruments and sampling instrument and nature sounds, blending their characteristic elements into unique and evocative voices.

Kuutana’s Serenity Album travels through imaginary worlds, blending nature sounds, slow paced ethnic percussions and natural instruments with the most recent and rich virtual instruments available.

License tracks from Kuutana to create rich, textured, ethereal ambient backgrounds and soundscapes for your audio/visual production!

Ron has studied digital music production at the Algonquin College School of Media and Design.

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Kuutana Serenity Album Released
Kuutana's Serenity Album was released March 16, 2010. Kuutana’s Serenity Album travels th... [more]