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The Feature music licensing store
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The Feature

About The Feature: I'm just ya average overachiever. Coming from the slums of Compton, I quickly learned from the mistakes of others. When I made it to fork in the road I pulled a knife and carved my own destiny. As a young dude, I learned to teach myself what I wanted to know. Music was something I taught myself, which I give credit to why I might sounds so 'different' at times. I didn't try to mimic others, so my tracks tend to stand out, or even sounding crazy sometimes. I started in Fl Studio and didn't touch a keyboard for a long while. Music became visual for me. Always veiwing the keyboard from the side forced me to see music in an unorhtodox manner. Now that I'm learning music more traditionally, I start to understand and analyze what chords/scales/etc I used to make the music that just sounded good to me. Everything now is just a learning experience, a constant fight to get to a perfect translation of the orchestra in my head and what my hands can accomplish.

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