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About Kolayah: Being spoon fed by his parents and community the sounds of R & B, Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Hip-Hop and Great Literature; Kolayah, was given the seeds that would forge and later on blossom him into the multidimensional sound that you move and vibe to today. .
Kolayah creates an eccentric reciprocating (back and forth) vibe or movement of energy and thought between himself and the listeners of his powerful words.

Kolayah's musical roots were developed in his High School guitar class. It was there he felt free to explore and learn to play the guitar and the drums and eventually step behind the microphone like many of his favorite Soul, Rock, and Funk and Hip Hop Artists.

After many long rehearsal and playing large and small concerts for schools and community, Kolayah knew he wanted to travel the world and performing in front of large crowds. After high school Kolayah sold his guitar and the stage lights lowered, until some years later that familiar urge made him pick up the pen and pulled him back into the spotlight.

Kolayah has appeared on TAG TV Episode 1 and he has performed on many stages with amazing Artists such as Martha's Trouble, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, Nat'l known Jahbu Ourinde, Shaun Judah, Def Poet Abyss and Shaunteka Curry. He has performed at Eighth & Rail, The Gnu's Room, Starbucks, Taina's Art Gallery, Touch 910 AM, SummerNight, Alabama and Shakespeare Festival (Culture Fest).

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