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Jennifer Jayden

About Jennifer Jayden: As a kid, when I was alone in the house, I would sit at the piano in the dark and pretend I was under a solo spotlight playing to a hushed crowd that would erupt into thunderous applause as I finished the final notes of my song. I guess I've always been a dreamer and a person who wears my emotions on my sleeve. My friends and family would probably have a long list of adjectives to describe me like "overly-dramatic, passionate, super-silly, stubborn, adventurous, independent, caring, ect,"... and I'm sure anyone that has met me and heard my laugh, can forever identify me by it - it's obnoxiously loud and crazy. I think I just try to bring my most honest self and a lot of those qualities to my songs and particularly my live shows.
Everyone likes to try and pin point similarities when describing an artist and most people ask what kind of music I do... Well, I've gotten comparisons to newer artists like Sara Bareilles, Gavin Degraw, and The Fray as well as comparisons to Janis Joplin, and Stevie Nicks...all of which I'm truly honored to be compared to. I think every artist subconsciously takes on elements of those they admire, but I think I just sound like me. I can play the guitar but you'll usually find me on piano and I sing and write from my soul, so I guess that means I'm soulful...and honestly that's what it's about to me.

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