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Belle Tropez music licensing store
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Belle Tropez

About Belle Tropez: "On first acquaintance, Belle Tropez threaten to be one of the many Zero 7 soundalikes clogging up the Playback files. They blend soft vocals, easy-listening grooves and tasteful synth beds in a fashion that’s highly skilled but, on the face of it, hardly revolutionary. As their music develops, however, it slowly becomes apparent that Belle Tropez have something that’s missing in so many of their rivals. All too often, bands in this vein focus their energy on the production, with no regard for the actual material they’re producing. The great thing about Belle Tropez is thus not the excellent male and female vocals, nor the sumptuous brass playing; nor is it their clever drum programming or neat integration of glitchy manipulated samples. No, what stands out above all is their musical sophistication, which stretches way beyond usual dull three-chord tricks. The third track, ‘Pull It’, for instance, sounds so smooth and natural that it took me an age to realise it’s actually in 7/4, while elsewhere, lengthy chord sequences develop with a richness and confidence that’s so often missing in electronica" Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound magazine.

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