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Lillith (Intermezzo Productions) music licensing store
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Lillith (Intermezzo Productions)

About Lillith (Intermezzo Productions): Lillith is a quartet with music that can be described as a black clad rock inspired from 70's colorful scenes. A combination of these four musicians create a band with a distinctive sound. The female vocalist Camilla Hell stands out with her rusty and soar voice, accompanied by a soulful band.
Lillith has played many concerts in different arenas. In June 2009 they supported Dengue Fever (US) at John Dee, Oslo. Lillith has chosen to play for different types of audiences, including in prison, where the band was picked up by the ferry over to the island to play for the inmates.
Lillith consists of Camilla Hell on vocals, Per-Christian Frantzen on guitar, Gregorius Grim Knockelkatt on cello and bass, and Espen "Kvist" Engrønningen on drums. The band members are collected from different musical environments, therefore Lillith is inspired from several music genres, such as 70s rock, metal and alternative country.

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