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Kartoon Killerz music licensing store
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Kartoon Killerz

About Kartoon Killerz: We used to do sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll! Then Sex, Drugs, and Roll! Then We Sexed, stopped the Drugs, and Jazzed.
Then it went faster, Latin Rock sucked us in and we danced. But we are more into melody and guitars, and we are Egyptians with so many influences, so we Reageed with the boys. Than kept travelin'. meeting every so months with new experiences from around the world.
We stopped the drugs, grew older, not wiser, but funnier, and now when we are asked about the music we say we only KARTOON..

Yes. KARTOON IS A VERB to our misguided brains!

So do you KARTOON?

Then this music is fo'ya!

We are no snobs. We just know how to push da knobs! And we around since top of the pops!

If you like our music, we love you. So if you don't!

ps. In case you wonder about the different vocalists. Only Sweet Cairo is featuring a guest.

Don't stop Lookin' for the KARTOONS!


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