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Sergey Diev

About Sergey Diev: Sergey Diev was born in Russia, in a big city on the Volga River. After graduating from university, where he studied things like mathematics, mathematical logic, and computer programming, Sergey worked for many years in a renowned research center in Moscow; he also wrote his Ph.D. dissertation (computer science) there.
While he was still a boy, in parallel with school, Sergey spent seven years learning piano in a music school. Then for many years Sergey played piano recreationally (mainly jazz-like improvisations on his and others’ tunes) at home, at homes of his friends, on cruise ships, and in any other place where the audience was patient enough.
A major change in Sergey’s musical life occurred when he got a Yamaha Clavinova 407 digital piano. Besides amazing voices and many other excellent features, this instrument can record what one is playing, both in midi and wave format. The result was many compositions in various styles, performed with various voices (piano, vibraphone, flute, contrabass, sax, guitar, etc.), and Sergey made quite a few people confess that they like his recordings very much.

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