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Jackal + Wolf

About Jackal + Wolf: Commerce versus art; capital greed or creative freedom; the cathedral and the bazaar...inspired as much by philosophy as the need to make a very loud noise, Jackal+Wolf are not your runof-the-mill rock band out looking for kicks, chicks and the mighty moolah.

Exploding on to the local rock scene, this new power-trio featuring Charlie Murder on vox and guitar, with brothers Morgan and Redge O’Kennedy on drums and bass, are more intent on creating great tunes and playing them live than topping the charts, a refreshing change from the hit-obsessed mentality that pervades modern music.

With influences that range from the classic sounds of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to the metal power of Metallica and the informed vitriol of Rage Against the Machine, punters can expect a mighty show. In the meantime visit the band’s den at www.jackalandwolf.com, download the album for free, catch up with the latest news and howl along with the rest of the band’s committed pack.

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