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About Battan: My name is Sebastian Nebaeus, Composer/Producer/artist whatever you want to call me.
I live in Sweden and I study music production at school but makes most of my music at home.

My artist name Battan is the name I got from a 3 year old who couldn't say my real name. when she tried she said Battan.

I Live for music and not much else matters to me. Recently I've been playing a lot of DoubleBass but I play all sort of instruments. Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar and soon i will start to play an instrument created by me and some friends.

If music was a language I would be a super agent. What I mean is that I can make music in almost any genre, but I prefer Chill stuff.

This is stuff iv'e worked on:
star sonata 2: http://www.starsonata.com/ss2promo/

Toolwi: http://toolwi.com/muzpic/musicians/

everything is CC = http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
that means you can share it anyway you like but not make money using my music without my permission.

Need music for games, movies or just beats? Contact me at Battan3@gmail.com

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