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After The Ice

About After The Ice: After The Ice, an eclectic melting pot of sonic landscapes, a maelstrom of spinning ideas, and innovative incarnations combining to deliver gloriously harmonious, tightly packed four minute indie rock songs, always driven by the voice of Paul's guitar.

--Paul: Voice + guitar + songwriter

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Paul Lisak is a self-taught musician of Franco-Russian origin, who grew up in London. He is also a distinguished award winning painter, who evokes memories of Caravaggio with his darkly, renaissance-like brush strokes. His style produces highly figurative paintings stooped in renaissance and baroque techniques, but firmly rooted in contemporary themes such as multiculturalism and the controversial war in Iraq.

--Laurent Drums + percussion

Born in France, of Italian origin, Laurent Frodello took up the drums at the tender age of 12, and hasn't looked back since. Two worlds exist for him: studio and stage. In the studio, all is thought and discipline. On stage however, improvisation is king, and spontaneous creativity remains his ultimate goal.

--Hamzah Bass

Born and bred in London, of Pakistani origin, took up the bass guitar 5 years ago after seeing the "Who live at the Isle of Wight" DVD – a life changing experience. His main aim is to write and improvise in equal measure, and with equal ability, both in the studio and on stage, because as he puts it: "Music is both intellect and emotion; neither one survives fully without the other."

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