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Darryl Gregory music licensing store
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Darryl Gregory

About Darryl Gregory: Darryl's sound is an amalgam of many different worlds, yet it is still recognizable as American roots, rhythm and blues. His lyrics are evocative and tell stories that hook the listener with their compelling melodies and infectious beats. Add to all this his powerful, guitar-driven style and you'll understand why Darryl's music has often been compared to that of such greats as John Mellencamp, Steve Earle and even Bruce Springsteen.

Darryl Gregory is a multi-instrumentalist who honed his skills as a rocker and singer-songwriter in the dirty dives of New York City in the late 1990's and early part of the new century. He produces other songwriters in his studio (Blue Cave Studios) now located in Sandy Hook, CT, specializing in finding a "personalized sound" for each of his clients. Darryl has composed music for many different types of ensembles including orchestra, band, brass quintet, string quartet and Javanese Gamelan. He has composed music for film as well as incidental music for several off and off-off Broadway theatrical and dance works. Darryl has degrees in Music Education, trombone performance and music composition. He lives with his wife and son in the backwoods of Connecticut.

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