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About THE COMMISSION`: On July 10, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah “The Commission” released their debut album! They have created a buzz throughout all of Utah and look for further destinations! With a new style of music and all the talent to back it, “who wouldn’t want to hear what we have to offer?” says “The Commission”. As a group they have what the industry has been lacking for years and now it’s right in front of your face. With hit singles like “Tattoo” and “Remember” it wont be long before someone realizes what a commodity these guys really are.
In pursuance of world recognition and bigger accomplishments “The Commission” is quality when it comes to music. “Searching for radio play and major distribution is our next step,” says “The Commission”. With the devotion and dedication “The Commission” has and the drive to succeed and never quit, I’m going to tell you right now, these guys are dangerous! If you don’t believe it check them out at www.myspace.com/commission801.
“The Commission” consists of Coleone, Pravity, and Savvy Yola. “The Commission” has been a dedicated group since they all met in 2006. Since then they have completed at least 200 shows (3 for charity), 2 interviews on 97.1 ZHT, interviews in The Salt Lake Tribune and articles in, In This Week. The Game featured on their debut album, Opening acts for artist such as “Dolla” at club Vortex, “Tech Nine” at Solitaire, “2 Live Crew” at Club Suede and “E40” at The Hotel.

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