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The Judes music licensing store
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The Judes

About The Judes: Cory, Jim and Mike are three likely lads from Winnipeg, Canada who formed a band that has evolved in to something pretty amazing. The Judes have a unique presence, that something special that sets them far apart from the everyday songs that bombard us at every turn. It is this simplicity and rawness that takes everyone to that great place which is fun, good times, and above all an appreciation of great music.

There are some obvious Beatles connotations and influences, but don’t brush this off as another wannabe band as you will be sorely mistaken! The Judes write lyrics from the heart, which shine through their sweet melodies and well-crafted songwriting. Their voices are reminiscent of fond summer memories and their charisma puts smiles in your heart.

The Judes’ fresh tunes are available through Blue Pie and available for licensing through YOU LICENSE. Find more info on them at www.myspace.com/thejudesmusic or www.bluepie.com.au

V020610 Michelle

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