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Little Brothers' Disease music licensing store
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Little Brothers' Disease

About Little Brothers' Disease: Band Name:Little Brothers Disease
City:Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach
State: CA
Email: vulcho@LBDMUSICENT.com
Genre(s): rock/punk/funk/indie/jazz

Little Brothers’ Disease is a brother ship between 4 best friends from Huntington Beach , CA. We love music and have been playing for quite sometime now. LBD consists of- Vulcho Bonev, Andrew Mckee, Patrick Mckee, and Derik Turner. We’ve played all over Orange County and LA over the last 8 years. We recorded our first official EP in 2005, “ Palm trees, Vagina’s, and Outer space”. We have just currently wrapped up a project , LP, “Glorify the Haunt”. . We had a bumpy road through our experience already, which has made up our character of who we are. We Strongly believe we are a Devine purpose to play music, especially together, as LBD. We have Amazing chemistry, Showmanship, Compositions that are very impressive and Raw Talent. All we really want to do is License, create and play, powerful, meaningful, and spiritual music.We could describe our style as Indie, Alternative, Rock, Funk, Thrash, and Punk. We like to mix it up. We've been told that you can hear genres through as far back as the 50's to Present. LBD would like to Thank You for your consideration and time. We have a lot of beautiful hidden treasures in our souls that need to be heard. As far as we’re concerned we haven’t even started yet.

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