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Steve Liriks

About Steve Liriks: Enter Steve Liriks, a talented, crafty, and gifted individual . Steve Liriks is a California artist that was born into a musical family. His Dad, Herbert McMullen, was a music major at Kent State. Herbert McMullen was always involved in music throughout his career as a teacher and when his kids (Andrew "Andy Mackk" McMullen and Matthew "Steve Liriks" McMullen) were born, he devoted his time to get them interested in music. Steve's brother, known as Andy Mackk, was influenced by his cousin and inherited the trade of rapping from him. Steve would begin rapping at the age of five with his older brother and cousins. When he became seven, he began to write his own rhymes and play the piano. Treating music as a hobby, his first true passion was to play Basketball and go to the NBA. At the age of fifteen, however, he realized his passion for Basketball had died out in exchange for Music. Music is his true calliing.

Influences range from Nas to Pink Floyd to Santigold to Portishead, and anything in between. With an uncanny knack to harmonize and sing on tracks as well, the added firepower and versatility to Steve's lyrical, vocal, and production arsenal will make him a force to reckon with the years to come.

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