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About Hassan: Animated. Clever. Impactful. Upbeat. These are just a few words that describe Hassan's music.

In 2003 Hassan only started playing the guitar to gain the attention of the opposite sex. But soon after, it became clear that this was so much more. It wasn't about the girls anymore. He was on to something. Something that would change the life of him and everyone around him.

3 weeks into playing the hell out of his first guitar, he lead a pop/rock band called the Paper Airplanes. (www.myspace.com/thepaperairplanesband). With Hassan's amazing songwriting and vocal talent and the band's performance skills, they progressed throughout the year as they won talent shows and performed at birthday parties and summer camps for middle school kids.

Fast forward to 2007. The Paper Airplanes split up. Everyone in the band gave up on the dream. But not Hassan. He kept going. He wanted to infiltrate everyone's soul with his music.

And he did.

Now, with a mature voice, an arsenal of new ideas, and a loyal fan base, his songs are pulling the attention of everyone around him. And they're loving every minute.

This is a new breed of music. Music for the new generation of listeners. Music that grabs your attention and shakes it up. Music that melts your heart and boils your blood at the same time. Music you can make love to. Music you can sing along to. Music you can dance with. But most importantly...music you can take home with you.

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