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Curb Dogs

About Curb Dogs: Curb Doogs was started in 1999 between Mark (lefty) Shehab,guitar and vocals and Tobie (Bee) Groenewald, drums as a means to have fun and to look closer at soceity through musical expression. After a long line of unsuccessful bassist candidates, we finally found Barry Beaurrain (Banana). In 2002 Bee decided to concentrate on his plans to leave for America. As a result we recruited Andrew (Spencer) Spencer who has added a refreshing twist to the music.

In 2001 we recorded our first full-length album entitled ‘Don’t quit your day job’ ourselves, which was accepted with much appreciation from the fans. The album is very edgy and raw, with a blatant DIY Sound reminiscent of the early punk era.

We’ve been privileged enough to play alongside such excellent bands as Fuzi Gish, Hog Hoggity Hogg, Shifty, Skirtbox, Groinchurn, Dieversion, Eyebee, Tryst, Miserychord, Half Price, My Ex-Girlfriend, Sweet Victory, Leek and the Bouncing Uptones, Pet Flyz, The Finkelsteins and many more.

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