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Killbot Kindergarten

About Killbot Kindergarten: A retro-futurist collaboration of neo soul tones draped over unashamedly binary bones, Youka Snell and Adam Sait’s project has graduated music college and arrived back at a pre-school for pandas bearing jet packs. Like a soy chai latte in a styrofoam cup, the result is both organic and plastic. You won’t recognise the sound on your lips at first, but after a few sips, you’ll never go to Starbucks again.

It’s underwater love music, the kind the late-nighters on Neptune are probably listening to right now; but it started in the parlour, in West End. Dornoch Terrace to be precise – about as far from London as it’s possible to get on this planet. And while they’re the polar opposite of Gilbert and Sullivan, elements of Killbot Kindergarten’s sound could have come direct from the overture of an oriental Damon Albarn opera.

This isn’t the Mikado though - Youka, originally a classically trained violinist and Adam, a self-taught bass player/producer, have thrown convention out the window to create a new form of operatic digital soul. Working from the humble confines of Adam’s bedroom, the duo has produced an epic five-track EP. A year in the making, the disc is a culmination of a six-year creative journey for the two songwriters, who have known each other and played in numerous bands together since 2004.

Lovers of digital neo soul should be on notice. There are two new headmasters in town and school is never going to sound the same again.

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