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David Hayes music licensing store
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David Hayes

About David Hayes: Over the last seven years David has operated his own music composing, production and recording facility in the beautiful beaches area in the east end of Toronto ON
David has been a musician since the age of ten. He initially started out on acoustic guitar learning many of the hits of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and various others. Eventually David enrolled in private lessons with different instructors taking on new challenges such as the electric guitar and classical guitar.
His love of classical guitar took him to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto where he studied for over five years under the direction of the well-respected classical guitarist Robert Hamilton. David also attended York University in Toronto studying music, music theory and classical music history.
David's love of music and different musical styles peaked his interest in the recording process and the music industry. In 1986 he enrolled in the prestigious recording school Trebas Institute of Recording Arts in Toronto where he honed his producing and engineering skills and went on to receive an honours diploma from the school.
Over the years he has toured nationally and performed in the studio as a professional musician, songwriter, guitarist, producer and engineer with various recording acts.
Other studios that David has worked at include: Comfort Sound Studios, Cherry Beach Studios, Quattro Sound and Wrecking Ball Studios all located in the Toronto area.

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