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Rod Young

About Rod Young: Imagine a musician who is a cross between Miles Davis and J Dilla.

Rod Young is a visionary Jazz artist/composer who, like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, has been very successful in revolutionizing the Jazz landscape by creating a new “Modal” Jazz style accepted and appreciated by younger audiences. He bridges the generation gap by satisfying Jazz traditionalist with explosive musical complexities that push the intellectual Jazz envelope.

Rod Young’s musical gift is unique. Being raised in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana at very young age, his life experiences have had a profound impact on his approach to music. He has developed a style of play that is emotional, stylish, and creative. His melodies are simple, concise and place more emphasis on the passion of sound than on the technical placement of notes. His melodies are offset by his extremely complex harmonies and rhythms that give his songs a distinctive balance that sets him apart from literally everyone.

In addition to pushing the musical envelope and creating music for discriminating ears, Rod Young also ghost writes, creates beats, produces, and is a studio musician for several of Atlanta’s top recording studios.

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