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About Prepulse: After refining his vocational goals during the past decade, Elliott Pauli, the solo artist of Prepulse, shifted his personal interests to creating diverse music. Creating diverse music became a passion of Elliott’s while growing up in Louisiana (~40 miles north of New Orleans). He began playing the guitar at sixteen. Throughout college and while moving from state to state for various scientific positions from between 2000 to 2009, he refined his musical skills and created several guitar riffs. Finally, after moving to Cary, North Carolina, where he currently resides, he coalesced some of the guitar riffs and noted which ones could become possible songs. Recently, Elliott wrote, produced, and finalized his first album, Breathing the Clouds. As noted by Elliott, “The general theme throughout Breathing the Clouds is linked to love, and given the flux and many faces of love, genres of music chosen to capture the gist included punk, Goth punk, electronica, rock, punk pop, and alternative. Individual track themes define an emotional variety that can stem from love’s effects, such as obsessive lust, gleeful and harmful infatuations, self-reflection, contemplative love, compassion, expressive desire, pre-contemplative love, unyielding yearning, submissive confessions, overwhelming confusion, and sexual angst.”

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