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Steve George

About Steve George: I enjoy playing live...it's fun, but I prefer to write.

I was born an artistic person, rather I like it or not. There are days I'd rather been born with a passion for science...life could have been so much easier (Ha!). However, this drive to create songs is my passion. It's like eating. You enjoy every bite until you're full. Then in a few hours you're hungry again...and for something different. A never ending appetite. Playing live is fun, but I prefer to write the tunes and let someone else play them. I like to play a variety of instruments, guitar, piano, flute, bass, etc. This has been a help to express what I hear during the writing process. I enjoy the entire process from writing words and music, recording the instrument and vocal tracks, to mixing. I like a variety of music, so I don't pay attention to categories while writing. I try to let the tune take me where it wants...I just follow and take notes.

Musical Influences: Too many to list all that have contributed some level of inspiration. I think every song we hear leaves an impression...I have to mention the Beatles, Moody Blues, Eagles, Stones, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton, Bob Dylon, Albert Colins, Paul McCartney, Eddie Van Halen. OK - I'll stop.

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