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The Mad Man's Gospel

About The Mad Man's Gospel: Dig deep into your memories of lonely highway diners and jukeboxes playing melancholy love songs. Now taint that with sexed-up jazz lounges and 25¢ peep shows and you have the Mad Man's Gospel. When forces bring together a saucy songstress, a 50's guitar player, a metal-edged bassist, a progressive drummer and the infamous James Minchau- the resulting musical experience is not only smooth & flavourful but an exciting ride that is not to be missed!

Taking the lead from landmark Canadian bands such as the Barenaked Ladies and the Cowboy Junkies, the Mad Man's Gospel employs classic collaborative songwriting spiked with contemporary sounds & styles. With honest & catchy lyrics and energetic live performances - even the non-believers will soon be preaching the Mad Man's Gospel.

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