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Dr. Ra

About Dr. Ra: Ramiro “Dr. Ra” Mendes is a multi-Grammy Ballot Nominated music producer, composer and artist with an exemplary music career that spans over 25 years of music production and composition.

Born in the small village of Palonkon on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde, Ramiro immigrated to the United States in 1978. In 1993, he graduated from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, with degrees in Commercial Arranging and Film Scoring. During the past 25 years, Ramiro has produced all the major stars of Lusophone Africa, including Cesaria Evora, Bana, Tito Paris, Gil Semedo, Waldemar Bastos (Angola), Kafala Brothers (Angola), Tino Trim? (Guinea Bissau), and Djosinha, not to mention 6 albums of for his musical group, Mendes Brothers.

Mr. Mendes is also recognized as a world-class composer having crafted countless hits songs, including the signature song, Angola, which propelled Cesaria Evora to world stardom, becoming one of the most internationally recognized African song of all times, with more than 100 versions in numerous languages. Ramiro is an expert on Cape Verdean and Lusophone African music, cited on many books and publications, including the "African American Music/An Introduction" (Schirmer Books), by renowned Dr. Earl Stewart.

Today Ramiro lives in Los Angeles, California and continues to work tirelessly for the betterment of Cape Verdean and African music and culture

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