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Shye Ben Tzur

About Shye Ben Tzur: Shye Ben-Tzur is an Israeli composer/ producer and performer who has been living, and creating in India for the last decade. His journey to the Indian sub continent has begun while searching for a Classical Indian music teacher and a guide. After years of studying Indian classical music in the traditional manner, Shye had felt the urge to compose music using his own language. His debut album Heeyam (Supreme love), was recorded in India, Israel, and USA. It was released in 2003, and earned great applause. In Heeyam Shye has worked with traditional Sufi Qawwali singers, (Qawwali is a form of ecstatic Muslim devotional music) who have been learning his compositions and poetry, and sung them in Hebrew. From his personal life experiences, Ben-Tzur has succeeded to bring his own ancient culture alive into a unique cross cultural work. His first collection of poems Souls expressions was published in 1999 in Israel A new book with a collection of his poetry “Love poems of worship” is soon to be published in Israel. In present days Shye is concluding the recording of his second album titled “SHOSHAN” That is to be release with Earthsync on 2009

Shye Ben Tzur is Globalev and Blue Pie band. and available on YOU LICENSE for the world to license. For more information on Shye Ben Tzur you can visit the following websites:

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