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The Lucknow Project music licensing store
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The Lucknow Project

About The Lucknow Project: "Perfect awakening is possible here and now for every human being, regardless of background, practice or personal circumstances. You are already free! Anything gained afresh will be lost. What is eternal is always within you, as your hopes and desires are reflected. It is hopes and desires which conceal the ever-pure consciousness.

The self will reveal itself to itself in the twinkling of an eye once you abandon all hope and desire, the old-age disease of the mind. Keep quiet. Don't allow a single thought to stir. be effortless and in an instant you will discover that you have always been free. Om Tat Sat."


Inspired by and lovingly dedicated to Sri H.W.L Poonja, Papaji
The Lucknow Project is Globalev and Blue Pie band. and available on YOU LICENSE for the world to license. For more information on The Lucknow Project you can visit the following websites:

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