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Kobra Kai

About Kobra Kai: Kobra Kai is a 100% live six piece dance fusion.

Incredible energy and showmanship are the true trademarks of Kobra Kai, their ability to life a crowds energy levels to the roof and create a frenzy is second to none.

With roots stemming from sub genres such as drum ‘n’ Bass, Breaks and Hip Hop, similar acts include London Electricity, Roni Size, Dizzee Rascal, Shapeshifter, Salmonella dub and Pendulum. It is the interest in contemporary dj's and producers that motivates Kobra Kai to look beyond the standard band situation, to utilise current music technology and mould the energy of dj's and MC's with that of a live band.

All of Kobra Kai's music is produced and performed live. Utilising music technology, the group diversify instrumentation possibilities.

Kobra Kai are a Blue Pie artists. For more information on Kobra Kai, please visit the following websites:

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