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About FunkAttack: Tea Time, Rulo, Tata and Panty, are the members of the quartet's most influential Latin Funk and ready for their musical counterattack. The former Los Tetas, which in 2004 was baptized as FunkAttack finally presents their debut album, Rhythm.

The new creation is part of the history of the band, which has been a long and interesting path that today bears fruit, embodied in a work that promises to be the perfect combination of Funk, Soul and Hip Hop. With this album the band distances themselves away from their previous work, experimenting with electronic elements that denote the apparent evolution of the same.

The first cut, entitled the same as the album, El Ritmo “is a song composed with the spirit of the band, as if perceived live. It was made spontaneously and the raps were improvised in recordings with a soulful and unpretentious character," says Tea Time, vocalist of the group.

Consequently, these 11 tracks that are written as a new episode in the life of the musicians, is an original and natural flowing piece which ultimately represents their way of doing things nowadays. The album, which seeks to regain the status of the band both nationally and internationally, "was an honest process without strategic appearances; the perfect combination of influences and styles of each member of FunkAttack" said Luis Tata Bigorra, drummer...


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