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Republic of Letters

About Republic of Letters: REPUBLIC OF LETTERS

San Diego-based band, Republic of Letters was formed in 2004 by brothers Chris Venti (vocalist, guitar) and Nick Venti (drums). While both were finishing college in different cities ? Nick in Los Angeles and Chris in San Diego ? they spent their weekends commuting to each other's apartments and writing songs in their living rooms. In 2005, when Nick moved back to San Diego, Martin Niwinski (bassist) was asked to join the band and the three-piece was born. With the addition of Adrian Thorstensen (guitar) in early 2006, the band has come into its own sonically and creatively. The unique sound of Republic of Letters can be characterized as a combination of melodically driven Brit Pop, Ambient Rock and Post Indie Rock.

Republic of Letters developed their sound, rich with heart-swelling choruses, energizing rhythms and passionate vocal performances from influences such as The Who, U2, Bruce Springsteen and The Police. Recently, the band has been inspired by contemporary bands like Idelwild, Snow Patrol and The Editors.

The band finished recording their much-anticipated six-song EP, Spirit or a Ghost, in March 2007 at Big Fish Recording Studios with producer, Ben Moore, who has worked with famed artists such as Switchfoot, Rocket from the Crypt and Hot Snakes. Republic of Letters recorded their first official demo with Marc Jordan who helped co-produce and engineer the three songs in 2005. The band has been playing high-profile shows in and around San Diego since 2005 with major artists such as Mike Watt and The Joggers, to name a few.

The band's music has been played on major rock radio stations in San Diego, 91X , FM 94.9 and the new Sophie 103.7. College radio has also taken notice, as over 130 stations across the country have been playing songs from Spirit or a Ghost. Additionally, ROL recently ranked 25 on the CMJ charts by East Texas Alternate radio station SAU 90.1. UCLA's student radio station has also hosted the band for an on-air interview and a live performance. The band is scheduled to be interviewed by FM 94.9 on-air again shortly. Additionally, the band is gaining international attention with air time on XFM Rekjavik, Iceland.

In March 2007, Republic of Letters embarked on a mini tour to play the Texas RockFest at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas. The band is currently playing regular shows all over the South West US. Currently they are coordinating tours in March and a west coast tour for spring 2008 to promote the new CD and bolster their growing fan base.


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