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Bench Grinder music licensing store
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Bench Grinder

About Bench Grinder: Bench Grinder has been entertaining the Pacific Northwest in various forms since 1996. They have undergone much change and matured greatly since their inception. With their new EP “Clean is the new Dirty” due out in August of 2008, the band puts their money where their mouth is bringing a refreshingly eclectic, yet refined collection of songs. Drawing influence from everything from Elvis to Nirvana, the band describes its sound as “what you would hear if Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Fountains of Wayne shared a rehearsal space”.

In an era that has given the term 'pop music' a negative connotation, Bench Grinder embraces the pioneering spirit of their musical forefathers in creating songs that can be enjoyed by a large, diverse audience without alienating the listener with trends and gimmicks or pigeonholing their creativity by conforming to any specific genre. Chris, Ryan, Bo, Tommy & Zaous each bring a cornucopia of various influences to the table and put them together as if it was what they were born to do. The band has 5 releases under its belt and most recently was among the winner’s of Alpine’s Rock The Dash contest.

It's all about the song, the hook and the connection between the artist and the listener. Bench Grinder aims to entertain.

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