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James (Hotokegi) Cutright music licensing store
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About James (Hotokegi) Cutright: I am 28 years old - Full-Time Security Guard, Computer Tech Specialist is one of my side skills and of course Music Composition is my passion. If you've ever wanted to get to know me, listen to my Music. The tracks I've uploaded here are heart-inspired soul-spoken Electronic Compositions. I don't play around when it comes to Music. Music is as serious as staying alive and surviving in this world. Without it, this world cannot function.

Hotokegi: Japanese for Compassionate. I got this name because of my affinity for Japanese names and because I was seriously passionate about my Music. Compassionate Heart is something 'Hotokegi' can stand for; thus I chose to be known as this Artist Name.

I aspire to be a really good Ambient, Instrumental and Electronic Music Artist. I practice every day with new ideas and when I find something that sounds really good, I work with it, and progress it into something more.

Who are my favorite Musicians? Singers? ... Kenny G., Phil COllins, Boney James, Anita Baker, Elton John, PhuturePrimitive, Withcraft (As I Hide), Ape to Angel, Grey Area, Enya ... to name quite a few.

There isn't much more I can say about myself; therefore you should let the Music tell the rest of the Story.

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