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The Panic

About The Panic: The Panic's born on the middle of 2001, it start with akis (vocal/guitar) and Adit (Guitar/keyboard), and then we find another player like Mugi (Bass), Adi (Guitar), and Agi (Drum) and we've a perfect formation after. We've deference kind of basic, but all of us have one vision on our description, the description is "we live and life just for music and the music is our life". Music is a human live revolution for us.
We've create our Roots, it's called "Enigmatic Rock With Harmony". With the harmony we try to stuck the sound into the music to make a balance atmosphere.
Our music is combination of Rock, Classic Rock, Post Rock Shoegaze, and Punk which is a basic color of the member it self.
For the lyrics we speak about nature, human kind, live which analogical by an abstract definition to make Enigmatic impressive improve to The Panic character.
Our influence is Radiohead,Muse,Explosion In The Sky, Sigur Ros, etc.
But we just wanna be our self, make our Original music by our hand, and we hope it can influences many people in the world.
It's easy to understood, it's not difficult to enjoyed. just listen and develops your mind. Feels that your mind will be swung a moment and fall into the creavasse!

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New The Panic album is being planned for 2010!
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