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The Gravity Guild music licensing store
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The Gravity Guild

About The Gravity Guild: "The Gravity Guild has it all. The sound, the songs, the chops. They remind me of what you would get if you crossed Audioslave with Sevendust. Clearly lethal, but completely addictive.

-Susan Masino
Author - Let There Be Rock - The Story of AC/DC

A crushing album that breaks boundaries while paying tribute to 70’s rock, 90’s grunge, and modern rock. The Gravity Guild’s “I” swaggers with innovative guitar sounds and powerful riffs melded with heavy hitting drums and monster bass lines that carve out canyon-sized grooves over odd-meters. Melodic hooks laced with tight harmonies and evocative lyrics bring all of these elements together in this impressive full-length album. The band stands firmly behind every track on “I” insisting that there is no filler, just powerful, memorable rock tunes.

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