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About RAGG: RAGG exists as a high-energy hard rock band. Emerging in 1995, Ragg hit the San Luis Obispo music scene with a strong and eclectic punk flavor. As time progressed our music style changed and became more alternative but RAGG found its self wanting to grow even more and the sound became Hard Rock so the band reformed in 2002 with a heavier and tighter rock sound lead by the powerful yet melodic vocals of Debi Red. “RAGG” was brought to life by a strong desire to have a sound that is original and like no other band, that’s what drives us. We want to be different but still accessible; we know it is in our sound and in the way we write the music. “RAGG” is five individual minds and passions and we write what we believe in; although we have such different influences and backgrounds we work so well together and have fun creating songs that we feel can bring something with emotion and power and something that is true to us and hopefully people can identify with. RAGG’s songs have a strong use of dynamics, signature time changes and meaning behind the lyrics; nothing shallow. RAGG music is a blend of new school rock and metal with old school rock and metal. The sound is often hard hitting and powerful overlaid with driving vocals that swim into melodic waves of sensuality. Tempos change and convolute to express the passions and emotions of the rhythmic messages. Ragg is a band that gives in its entirety to the stage performance and its expression to the dynamics and illusions of the music’s soul. Ragg has played shows through out Southern and Central California, and has won seven battle of the bands and had been finalists in four battle competitions. Ragg has had radio play on college and corporate radio stations, as well as the radio station "Metal Chamber'! in New South Wales Australia. RAGG members were feat the Inde film, Gray Dog. Release date May 2004. The Ragg song "Brutal" is featured in a pay-per-view show called "'Vince Neil's Rock Tails". Of "Motley Crue" In Dec. 2006 RAGG was nominated for best Modern Rock Band by The Rock City Music Awards in Hollywood Ca. In Dec. 2007 RAGG won “Best Central California Band” for The Rock City Music Awards in Hollywood, Ca. Also in Dec. 2007 Debi Red was nominated for “Best Female Rock Vocalist” also nominated was Monique Grajeda for “Best Female Guitarist” and Ragg “Best Rock/Metal Band” by All Access Magazine in Los Angeles Ca. RAGG is a band that is appreciated for their live shows and the seduction of a band with a style all of their own. RAGG’s greatest recent achievement has been having the song “I Want More” selected by Target in collaboration with The Orchard Digital Distribution as its 2007 commercial campaign. The song has had national televised broadcasting as well as in Canada and translated in Spanish. It is also played in Target stores across the nation.

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