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About EVE'S BURDEN: EVE'S BURDEN is an innovative, new cutting edge band stationed in central California .
Composers of music, melodies, lyrics and sociology, the debut album of this up and coming rock group is entitled
"THE BLACK LETTER" and it is definitely brain therapy.
This versatile16 cut album features introspective lyrics with powerful inspiring
vocals and great guitar work. Warning! the piercieng lead vocal
of Sharon "phox" Jordan adds a strong dose of hypnotic flavor on every track.
Guitarist Jerry "The Matrix" Leal, plays some third dimension licks that make his guitar strings cry
with intensity. Drummer J.T. "Rock It" Hurt
bass player Joe "Monster" Boone and Keyboardist
Andrew "Animal" Jordan are the children of EVE'S BURDEN, together they
have orchestrated a platinum masterpiece.
EVE'S BURDEN has signed a confidential joint-venture
deal with executive producer Saint Charles CEO of SMG Solar Music Group &
Entertainment located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Saint Charles has developed many multi- platinum artists including Master P, E40, The Fear, CBO
Paul Holgate (former singer of The Ronnie Montrose Band).
Saint Charles has been instrumental in developing over 2000 artists and bands.
EVE'S BURDEN will start their 2009 live Water Jams Tour February 27
2009 in Southern California. The 16 song album by
EVE'S BURDEN... "THE BLACK LETTER" is available online at i tunes.

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