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Britt Warren

About Britt Warren: As guitarist, session pro, writer & touring musician, there's little I haven't encountered in the transient world of professional music. Starting my music career as a studio musician, I found myself in situations that demanded I master multiple genres. As my family started developing, I decided to come off the road and accept a job with an ad agency as an in-house composer for national ad campaigns. In these campaigns the demand for diversity was tremendous, I was composing everything from classical compositions to hip-hop. This helped develop my ability on multiple instruments, resulting in my playing most of the instruments on my recordings. Due to years of composing for visual based media, my compositions, even as a performance artist, especially lend themselves to film & TV scenes. Now, with family grown, and rich musical and life experiences under my belt I am re-emerging as a performance artist and released a CD entitled "Fearless". A new CD is close to completion.

You can listen to some of my compositions at www.brittwarren.com.

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