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Andrea Gerak

About Andrea Gerak: "The Enigmatic Hungarian Female Voice"

Andrea had her first stage performance at the age of 5. From a few years later on, she has been dancing and singing in several folklore groups in Hungary, in the Borsod, Avas, Csepel and Bartok dance ensembles. Often she was the soloist as a singer and/or dancer.

Today Andrea lives in Sweden and is mostly involved in singing. She takes the listener to a trip to the melodies of various ethnicities such as Irish or Gypsy, and staying true to her roots, she sings Hungarian folk songs as her main profile, performing them A Cappella or as World Fusion, lending her unmistakable voice to compositions of international artists.
Other styles can be also found in her repertoire: pop, rock, jazz and musical tunes.


Andrea meets an increasing demand from musicians to use her voice for various projects, from all over the planet. She is currently working on songs with Sandor Fekete-Kiss (Hungary), Effi Shoshani (Israel), Cambridge - Angel Oros (Spain), Nusrat Fateh - Jose Aurelio Ferrandez (Dominican Republic), Barozda (Sweden), Paul Kwitek (Canada)

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