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Javier Ramon Brito

About Javier Ramon Brito: Javier Ramon Brito is a musician, composer, sound healer and recording artist of new age ambient classical instrumental music. He describes himself as an intuitive musician. A firm believer in the healing power of music, he wonders not why musicians are often compared to medical doctors. “I am like a psychologist, because I work with people’s emotions and dreams”, he jokes. “Or like a kinesiologist, because I believe music can balance the meridians of the human body”, he adds.

Javier Ramon composes music with a clear intention to promote well-being, happiness, spirituality and joy. “Spiritual awareness and enjoyment are often considered as opposites, but I believe they go hand in hand, so both are important ingredients of my music”, he remarks.

Javier Ramon’s personal style combines the sounds of piano and western classical instruments with oriental sounds. He also incorporates angelic choirs, oriental vocals and special effects as appropriate to maintain the warm, spiritual intended nature of his music.

His music blends different musical styles -from baroque to pop- with spicy tunes and harmonics of a defined and colorful taste.

Visit his music website: htp://www.musicbrito.com

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