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The Understudy

About The Understudy: The Understudy is Lucy Hearn, or the music of Lucy Hearn, or both.

Lucy has been a songwriter since her thoughts turned coherent. She writes on guitar and piano and sings.

In May 2008, Lucy released her first album as The Understudy. She called it a record for people who think too much: wry, winking pop and minimalist folk--an omnibus of found sounds and autumnal guitars, hand-puppet piano and water-colour synths.

Its actual title was What Not To Think While In Love.

In November 2008, The Understudy won Best Female Vocalist at the ABC 1233 Music Awards.

Lucy (and thus The Understudy) now lives in Sydney. She is writing and recording new material for a record due in early 2011.

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