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city coin laundry music licensing store
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city coin laundry

About city coin laundry: singer songrwriter/composer will cowan is the heart and soul behind city coin laundry. His compositions range from raw acoustic to full swelling orchestrations that seem to capture and pin-point a mood.There was a "sign" that stood above an old shop that seemed to make sense to me one night when I was filled with all sorts of stimulants in the drab town of Peterborough. I threw myself from a cab and looked up at the words, "city coin laundry". This sad and dirty old Laundromat that I had used for years during school had only really interested me that night. I had been looking for a band name for a while and tried everything to come up with it (hence the stimulants!). So, I stared at the words and tried to soak it all into my world as it was for the time being. For some reason, it just stared to make sense to me. Soon enough I ended up at my apartment writing the name down everywhere. This exercise ended with me waking up to every possible font and colour imaginable performed on many surfaces within my living quarters. It took a while to really enjoy the name and feel confident about it in comparison to the music. Really, it didn't matter if the music sounded like the name or vice versa. Some people even asked if it was some sort of comment on the world or something!

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