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J. Whitman

About J. Whitman: Music maverick J. Whitman is more than just any mixer/engineer artist out there. Programmer, editor, mixer, vocalist: he does it all. From his humble roots in live theater to the electronic music scene, he has become a competent artist in his own right. He's catchy without being cheesy. His real talent comes out of not recycling his beats or stealing them from other artists: every song he makes comes from a place inside of him. Not only does his music make you move, but his lyrics and melodies stay with you long after the song ends.

His music isn't the type of thing you can stick in one genre and be done with it. By combining elements from his influences which include The Crystal Method, Celldweller, Nine Inch Nails & Juno Reactor and mixing in orchestral, Japanese, and original trance electronica beats & sounds, he has created his own unique vision, from the haunting beats of Revolution Rising to the industrial rock style of Rule Breaker.

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