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Wilhelm Schweigamer music licensing store
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Wilhelm Schweigamer

About Wilhelm Schweigamer: Wilhelm Schweigamer was born in USSR (Kasachstan) on the 4th of July, 1991. Being a kid, Wilhelm watched his father performing in several places playing his own-written songs. From the early days Wilhelm was already a part of musical creativity. In 1999 he moved from Kasachstan to Russia. He lived there only 1 year when his parents decided to start a new life in Europe. On the 2nd of October 2000 he officialy started a new life in Belgium. In 2001 he decided to go to conservatory. After 4 years learning scores and playing saxophone he decided to quit the conservatory. After that, he bought his first guitar and he played almost everyday on it. Some time later he discovered keyboard and bass. While learning this instruments he started to write his own songs and to arrange them. He played on several small concerts where he was almost always well accepted. His first official song was released in January 2010. The song called "Doesnt She Notice". The song itself was written in the style of pop/folk. It was the first song that was made in such style. The main style of Wilhelm Schweigamer is pop/rock/punk. On 25th of May, he re-released Doesnt She Notice in every online store in the world. Currently, Wilhelm Schweigamer is busy with writing and arranging new songs that should be released in July/August 2010.

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