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About [dunkelbunt]: dunkelbunt] combines the many facets and faces of Southeast European music with various stylistic elements of electronic- and world music. The results of these efforts are fusions one may call Balkan-Dub, Balkan-TripHop or simply Balkan-Electronics!

His new album MORGENLANDFAHRT (released May 2007 via chat chapeau/Soulseduction) is more than a mere musical melding of genres. It tells of a bicycle trip
from Vienna to Istanbul in 2005, which provided the inspiration for the album. Travelling through 7 countries during his trip, [dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann got to know not only the lifestyles of locals but also the places where the music originated. The background sounds, which connect the tracks of the CD, were nearly all recorded on his trip with a small stereo microphone.

[dunkelbunt] is not only well known for remixing international artists such as Balkan Beat Box, Unified Gecko, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Orient Expressions, Harry Stoijka, Niftys, Eastenders, !Deladap and many more. Within his long-running “Balkan Hot Step” Club Night, [dunkelbunt] has been setting audiences ablaze with his eclectic world music mix and is now considered to be above reproach within the Viennese Balkan scene.

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