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The Syncope Threshold music licensing store
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The Syncope Threshold

About The Syncope Threshold: The Syncope threshold, a quintet with an affinity for melodic aggressive music, was formed through random shifts of fate, the derailment of previous individual endeavors, and a collective vision in mind: to provoke thought in music and to create a unique sound for the masses.

The Syncope Threshold are now painstakingly crafting even more new structures of percussion, distorted frequency and diversity of word and pitch for all to hear and keep on judging for themselves. Though not without our influences, but not content to render ourselves stagnant by limiting ourselves to one sound; we are seeking to blur the lines of "genre" and are constantly pressing ourselves to play notes the world least expects. We are inspired by all things fast, heavy, and technical, and all of you who share that love with us.... enjoy...

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