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Dress Code

About Dress Code: Derek Holley grew up in Dayton, OH with an interest in funk, rock, and dance music.

"I get bored listening to just one kind of music all the time", Derek says of his eclectic influences. "I wanted a sound that would be a mix of what I liked most about music--something that could be groove based, be catchy, and have energy."

Derek co-founded Dress Code as a duo and "musical experiment" with a style that had rock, funk, dance, and pop influences. Dress Code later released their debut CD, About Time. Music from this release has been featured in various MTV, VH1, and independent film projects.

Dress Code returned as a "virtual band" after the duo break-up, with Derek writing and performing all new material more of an electronic/dance style than in the duo version of Dress Code--combining throbbing bass lines, crunchy rock power chords, funky rhythms with hip-hop delivery and banging beats.

Now Derek is back with, "Electricity", Dress Code's latest collection of funky rocktronic dance music madness. This new release has already landed in the Top 10 (#6) of UK-based DJ Geordie Parker.

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