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Revelry music licensing store
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About Revelry: Revelry

We are a talented group of musicians. Two of us come to you having had some musical background (lessons in school and such), the other two are totally self taught. The singer Ryan Alonge began playing guitar, singing and recording his own originals in his home in 2007. After meeting Cory Raynor, (acoustic guitarist who became the bands bassist), they began jamming together on and off through the course of the next year. Because of their desire to put a band together, they placed a phone call to the two most talented high school musicians in the area and when the four got together, the magic began. The drummer Mike Mutch and his father, the bands equipment manager brought equipment to Cory’s basement, the phenomenal 17 year old guitarist Bobby Landon was just playing and recording his own tunes as well and showed up too. With Cory’s newly sound proofed basement, the foursome now had a place to meet and play which had been their biggest obstacle.

Since then, we have been playing covers and creating several of our own originals with great success.


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