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Juano Lippi

About Juano Lippi: "Brooklyn-based musician and producer Juano Lippi was born with some wizardry inside: Divinity meets the Devil... Lippi's 2008 release In Many Rooms, shows a fast-handed and versatile new guy in town" - Phil Ramone - Dog Ears Music Vol. 60 - The Huffington Post

"I couldn’t ignore J. Lippi’s flights of frenzied and arty insanity. What got me was the fact that if you delete the Jeff Beck-ish stuff and the mutant Henry Kaiser-style ejaculations, his lines sound pretty much like 70’s southern rock. Is this a brilliant hybrid, or the workings of a busted brain?" - Michael Molenda - Guitar Player Magazine

Juano Lippi is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Variations of his band perform and record regularly in the New York City area.

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